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UN TAICHI - GT80 / GT22#101 (10/28 12:00P.M 發售)

NT$ 2,680.00
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UNKNOWNDOMAIN(未知領域),成立於 2018 年,創立之初,希望通過對東西結合的理解,

傳達一直崇尚的中華文化以及東方態度 ; 通過不同特色的產品設計來推崇中式品味,




經典背後蘊含的是文化傳承,缺少這份支撐,不管設計做的多創新、前衛也終究只是皮囊 ; 而未知領域也遵循脈絡,通過一個文化的載體來完成對自身品牌的闡述,以及對時代的見證。


本次延續TAICHI系列帶來此次鞋款UNTAICHI-GT80,以上世紀70-80年代的German Trainer鞋款為基底改良,融合太極的元素,搭配橡膠硫化鞋底;全身采用長毛翻毛皮材質製作,簡潔大方,十分百搭。


採用 lunarlon 鞋墊配上軟木塞材質 達成極高的舒適腳感 吸濕排汗

側邊選用麂皮處感的翻毛皮面料 視覺及觸感都更提升檔次



販售碼數有10碼 US 4 / 5 / 5.5 / 6.5 / 7 / 8 / 8.5 / 9.5 / 10 / 11

官方售價 : TWD $2680  / USD$90

UNKNOWNDOMAIN, established in 2018, was founded with the hope of conveying the Chinese culture and oriental attitudes that have always been revered through an understanding of the combination of East and West; promoting Chinese tastes and more possibilities of local culture through different characteristic product designs.

The attitude of people in each field who keep pushing forward and the spirit of never giving up,flow into our hearts through the long river of time.——the Junior

Behind the classics is the cultural heritage, no matter how innovative and avant-garde design is ultimately just husk lack of this support; and unknown areas also follow the pulse, through a cultural carrier to complete the elaboration of their own brand, as well as the testimony of the times. 

The Tai Chi diagram is called "the first diagram of China". For World Wide,in this vision, "Tai Chi and modern technology, fusion across time and space" ,UNTAICHI-OA80 were born.

From the pillars of the Dacheng Hall of Confucius Temple to the markers of Laozi Louguantai, Sanmaogong and Baiyunguan; from the Taoist priest's robe to the fortune teller's trigram stall; the Taiji diagram is always on it. As the first colorway of UNKNWONDOMAIN Tai Chi shoes, the iconic black and white is retained, which simply and clearly illustrates the design concept of the unknown field of Tai Chi shoes, and also perfectly interprets the unknown field of design concept of Tao is one, one is two, two is three, and three is everything.